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How to write a perfect thank you letter to the customer 

Imagine that: you receive a handwritten mail message, yes real mail, what a surprise! The Help Scout team was a…

ACCA – Think Ahead – Thinking Ahead 
Tips for Successful Marriage Life 

Marriage is a big responsibility on the shoulders of two persons; it is a long life relation full of compromises…

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After spending ten days in San Jose, where became the calm Blue Sky Inn at home, the team arrived in Chicago and staying at the luxurious Park Hyatt, in the heart of the city.

Change is great for the team Martino, who went from a place with many gardens, outdoor venues and quiet neighborhood of little houses, a big hotel, closed and surrounded by large buildings.

Located on Michigan Avenue, it has 198 rooms on seven floors (one closed for selection) and is four blocks from Lake Michigan, one of the five largest lakes in the United States. In turn, it has a pool of 23 meters and has a local clothing Giorgio Armani, on the ground floor.

In the same block as the Magnificent Mile shopping, the hotel is also within meters of the historic water tower in the city, the second oldest in the United States. Built in 1869, it served to drain water from the lake. Currently, the tower acts as a tourist office and as an art gallery.

A Pet-friendly Hotel

The Park Hyatt Pet. Guests must pay an extra $ 100, which are then donated to “Paws,” a protective Asociació of animals. In the lobby Parker, a one – eyed dog who adopted the hotel and sleeping behind the counter where it lives in check. I know your history.

Mountain tomato sauce with barbecue taste invades the mouth like a wave. The ham is mixed with a smoked paprika makes applaud the nostrils. Colorado sandwiched between slices of salami and bits of flesh, a mozzarella cheese that functions as both scuttle table appears and explodes flavor just touches the tip of the tongue.

“An hour will take,” warn the green eyes of the kid are at the bar, and no one is offended and leaves. They offer six types of draft beer, wine, martinis and drinks that leave seasick the shake off those little dolls centuries. In front, a screen shows the US win against Costa Rica, although much does not matter to anyone.

Another TV focuses on a female softball game. A giant projector transmits an agonizing victory in baseball Phili. But when it comes this amazing wrapped in a cradle of homemade dough flavor, all up in the air 24 dollars leaving the Pepperoni Gino’s East. A household that pays homage to the vox populi that Chicago is a shining city on the art of pizza.

The Most Expensive Hotel

One of the two goalkeepers in the Blue Sky Inn overflows with happiness when he learns that Argentina will happen, at dawn, through its doors.

All goalkeeper in the world considers the doors of the building where he works are his. This, however, has some problems itself more to do. It is to sleep on that giant 69-story hotel costs between 475 and 2300 dollars per night.

Profitable rooms are between 3 and 18. Hence up, but rests steadily powerful and not casual people, as in who indulges in such property.

In the corner, on Michigan Avenue, three people are concerned that Chicago does not seem unworldly, two out flyers of a church of Jehovah’s Witnesses and one is a homeless begging to eat.

The rest is unique. Or almost: in some ways, this city of more than two million people handled a similar to that of New York scenery. Perhaps less pornographic. Perhaps, it is this: the brightness is not impressive as Fifth Avenue but in streets where Tiffany jewelry or details of Channel or clothing Armani or Prada stores or Harry Winston shown.

But his toughest brand is barely walking a block away from the bed where sleep Messi: the Water Tower recalls the great fire of 1871, where the city suffered a lot.

The Style of Chicago

Chicago has style, although its name, since by the native peoples of America, mean ugly onion smell. A beautiful blonde with a jean that has nailed above the navel and a hairstyle that makes hair fly through the air, would like mannequin, but outside because there is WhatsApp and she’s stuck in that.

  • An obese level a black BMW SUV with glasses and a scarf on her head and says “hey man.”
  • A couple sixty years goes hand in hand, without speaking, but without the skin are moving, or the wind, and when a glare bothers them, down to the underground galleries there to travel when winter hits 30 degrees below zero and snow invades the city.
  • Each piece of Chicago has a story to the story: born Ernest Hemingway, the legendary House of Blues was created, became the kilometer 0 of Route 66, Al Capone built his mobster empire.
  • On May 1 the martyrs of Chicago gestated the Labor day after a violent crackdown on a peaceful demonstration though the city bears no testimony that, as remarked Eduardo Galeano in the book of abrazos- and found a complete tyrannosaurus Rex on display at the Field Museum.
  • Messi almost everyone knows but hardly anyone knows why he is here.
  • The America ‘s Cup , although the United States is playing and thrashed in this city to Costa Rica, seems not to be in prime time competition with the NBA and baseball.

The city where Michael Jordan challenged Newton continues to paint on the walls of graffiti highways with the bull of the Bulls. On the beach, while the summer rises 25 degrees and allows your feet in the sand, piberío plays volleyball. Nobody kicks the ball with the foot.

Everything is with the hands. Or with a finger, like a giant drawing of Uncle Sam, what about the rocks and it has a clear message: welcome, Argentina, to Chicago.

More Hotels in Chicago

The historic route that won the Chilean team on Mexico 7-0 in the quarterfinals of the Copa America Centenario is already past. Now, the group led by Juan Antonio Pizzi is focused on the semi-final against Colombia.

After a long journey from San Jose , the national representative arrived at the Hotel Blackstone Renaissance Chicago, where the only one who spoke with the media was the wheel Arturo Vidal, who lamented his suspension for the match against the coffee.

” The yellow leaves me out, but the important thing is that the team gets good the party and can move on to the final , ” said the Bayern Munich midfielder, who also acknowledged that the win ” was very important for us psychic blow .”

According to the itinerary, Monday, from 11:00 hours of Chile, La Roja will return to training at the University of Illinois to focus on his next opponent in the semifinals of the tournament.

In this practice, the medical staff will evaluate Marcelo Diaz , who presented muscle discomfort during Saturday’s game.

And to this day it is expected that the Argentine-Spanish technical outline his stellar start eleventh, seeking the replacement of Vidal, where Francisco Silva or Pedro Pablo Hernández loom as potential cards.

Then there is the return of  Mauritius , who lost the clash against the “Tri” for suspension.

During the afternoon it is scheduled a press conference from the team hotel, with two players to be confirmed by the ANFP.

The match against Colombia will be played next Wednesday in Chicago, and the tournament final on Sunday will be played in East Rutherford, New Jersey.