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7 Features to Consider for Uber Alternative Like Gett Taxi Booking Business 

Today, the transportation industry plays an important role in the world. The usage of the vehicle is increasing every day among the people. Due to the increasing demand, there are a lot of private companies’ or you can say uber alternatives start their business by using vehicles such as taxi’s, etc.

Today, most people struggle to get a taxi at an affordable price to travel or reach their destination. Also, most of the private taxi owners are getting huge money from the customers even for nearby places, and safety is not assurance, especially for women. To avoid these kinds of problems most companies has been developed an online taxi app, and some are trying to develop with some good features.

 The online taxi app is come up with a tracking option, it is possible to track your family and friends if they travel in this taxi, and along with that, it offers the charges at a lower price even for long distances. 

Uber Alternative Like Gett Taxi Booking App   

This is because; the online taxi app is mostly preferred by people. In this case, one of the most popular leading companies is Uber, which has given the industry a new experience. It can be installed in a mobile device, so it allows the user to book their taxi within the realm of their fingertips. All these booking systems have been streamlined, easy to track the passengers with map integration and GPS. It is beneficial for both passengers and divers. Thus, if you are the person who wants to develop a similar app like Uber, and follow the features and keep these in mind before owning a taxi company.

  1. Customized Journey Preferences

As you already know that customers are the centre for every business, so it is advisable to provide a first preference for the customers. You can see the successful taxi companies, their reason behind their success is good quality service and customer support. Therefore, your services should depend on the customer’s wish, such as proper time pick up and drop, playing music, and maintaining the good temperature inside of the car, and more. These services create a good opinion about your brand among the customers, which leads to brand recall.

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking

It is one of the main features, so you have to create a taxi app with a GPS-enabled map. That’s because it allows the passengers to track their driver’s locations, and drivers to track their passenger’s location. The taxi app has to be developed with Google Map APIs for location sharing, so both drivers and passengers can able to know each other’s location. Thus, no one cannot be able to do any fraud works and helps to avoid mishappenings. This is because; GPS-enabled tracking is an important factor. 

  1. Scheduling A Ride

When it comes to online taxi, app scheduling is the most important factor, so you need to develop the application with scheduling options. This feature allows the passenger to book cabs before a day or week with preferred date, time, and location. This feature is very beneficial for the people who want to reach their destination without any delay. Once, you have marked your brand with your good punctuality among the people, and then nothing will stop your growth.

  1. Certify As Favourites

This is another important feature, so you should develop the cab app with favourites feature, it will be beneficial for both drivers and passengers. It allows the passengers to mention their favourite driver according to the service provided by the driver during their ride. Thus, a good and talented driver will get first preference for the rides among the people. It maintains the trust between both drivers and passengers. 

  1. Payment Modes and Ride History

It is also one of the important features so it should be taken place in your taxi app. Develop your taxi app with a payment mode feature. It allows the passengers to reach their destination without any hassle and confusion about payment mode. 

It helps the passengers to pay with their availability modes such as cash, net Banking, E-Wallet, and more. When it comes to riding history, it allows both driver and passenger to know about their riding history. Passengers can see their total number of rides to date through this app. Well, these stated features are important for any taxi booking business. Hence, you must hire a mobile app development company to make it stand out.

  1. Notifications and Review & Ratings

This feature is beneficial for both driver and passengers. If passengers book a cab with the specific driver and he will get a notification, and when a cab driver schedule confirmation customer gets a notification from the driver. Reviews and ratings allow the passengers to add about their riding feedback with a cab driver. It helps to know about a customer’s satisfaction level. These features make your app an efficient one and help to maintain an image among other competitors.

  1. Chat Option

This feature helps both passengers and drivers communicate easily by messages, so they no need to make a call for every time to clarify their doubts such as address and location. Through messages, they can able to make their conversation. It is an easy and smooth way to inform their status. Thus, this chat option makes things more convenient for users.

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