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ACCA – Think Ahead – Thinking Ahead

ACCA – Think Ahead – Thinking Ahead 

A Global outreach

Founded in 1904, ACCA became one of the most influential bodies that have exerted its impact everywhere throughout the world through its members. Rigorous study and practical work are the only way to be an ACCA qualified candidate. A steady stream of candidates is awarded ACCA membership after insightful contemplations. The qualified candidates have a wide playing field to make the growth truly international. Global exam structure as opposed to other courses’ locally aligned syllabus, makes it increasingly favored everywhere throughout the world. These all make ACCA one of the truly outreached global courses in the world.

A Distinguished Knowledge

CA and ACCA have pretty much given a similar knowledge in their course structure. But the perspective which they offer their course makes them distinguished. ACCA gives expertise in international accounting knowledge concerning international financial reporting standards. These are all made ACCA candidates, a distinguished expert preferred by organizations and institutes which have a global presence.

An Essential Financial Plan

In India, Money can be an obstructing factor in seeking after the dream of ACCA. There will be a need for strong financial support for examination fees, tuition fees, books, and annual subscription. So a strong and well structured financial plan is required to complete their dream. There are many incentives offered and sponsored by many institutes and banks to the study of ACCA. Analyzing them and deciding what is best for you is the first step towards becoming a successful ACCA candidate.

Benefits in Pursuing ACCA

Global outreach is one of the strongest contenders in this category. Various aspects of business, taxation, and finance are taught in ACCA Course which additionally combined with the experience mandated, makes them suitable for international job roles. ACCA gives an exemption from some papers based on the candidate’s current qualification which gives a breather for many graduate students and CA candidates. Last, but not least, Salary offered for ACCA candidates is one of the highly competitive in the field.

A Scheduled Study

The conspicuous disarray most candidates face is whether to go for self-study or classroom training. A basic understanding of commerce study is required to self-study. It is a good option for commerce students after 12th commerce. But consider this, A single ACCA paper requires around 40-50 hours of classroom training. If you are not a commerce student, or you are not well versed with the basics, you can search the internet for best ACCA coaching institutes. You can even ask location-specific questions like best ACCA coaching classes in Coimbatore. You can also do a balanced approach like preparing some papers for yourself and approaching coaching institutes for some tough papers. But a Well balanced plan is required to give yourself an edge.

ACCA after CA

There are heaps of specific opportunities for CA candidates to pursue ACCA. They can avail of a 9 paper exemption out of 14 papers in the ACCA exam. It will give the candidate a more diverse role in more diverse industries with global outreach. So if you are planning to serve in the international community, then ACCA will give you a stepping stone to reach your goal.

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