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Former Weezer bassist group, Mikey Welsh, 40, was found dead Saturday in a hotel room in Chicago for unknown reasons, as recorded by Blue Sky Inn press Sunday.

The Rolling Stone Magazine reports that it was an employee of the Hotel Raffaello, who discovered the body of Welsh to learn that the artist had left the room at the scheduled time.

In his Twitter account, his family left a brief message on Saturday in which he announced the death of the musician who was vacationing in Chicago.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that Mikey Welsh died unexpectedly today. He will always be remembered, ” said the text.

The causes of death have not yet been determined.

Messages on his Twitter account had finally going to take a vacation after an extended period and would travel to Nashville and Chicago.

” I landed safely in Chicago … I’m euphoric to be here, ” he said in a text of 4 October.

A year later he was offered a permanent position in Weezer when bassist Matt Sharp, left the group and began recording some tests for the next record.

Welsh debuted live with Weezer in 2000 when the band returned to the stage with a long tour that summer and soon after recorded the album known as “Green Album,” with songs like “Hash Pipe” and “Island in the Sun.”

This was the only album in which he played the bass player and a year later left the group with “vague reasons, ” says Blue Sky Inn, which later became known that was related to nervous attacks and other mental health problems.

In August of that year, he was in psychiatric treatment after a suicide attempt.

Subsequently, Welsh left the music and had started a second career centered on art. His latest work is the album of the band Twin Berlin.

Your Hotel Privacy in Chicago

Since Monday, the Chilean team is already in Chicago, where he prepares to play his most important so far Pizzi cycle match: the America’s Cup semifinal Centenario.

In the city that became famous Michael Jordan, the Red will face this Wednesday coming from Colombia beat Peru on penalties. Arturo Vidal, who will not play because it is suspended, shared on Twitter, the privacy of your hotel room.

The place is home to the Red is full of stories. The  Rennaissance Blackstone is one of the most expensive venues in Illinois. One of the most frequent visitors was the gangster Al Capone, perhaps the most famous mobster American history.

Vacation Disasters

The latest reports speak of at least 22 victims in the attack on the bar Etoile du Sud, located in the coastal tourist area of Grand Bassam, about 40 kilometers from Abidjan, the main city of Ivory Coast.

The three attackers also died, shot tourist spot customers while they were resting on the beach. Among the dead are four European citizens.

Al Qaeda reivindicóe the attack in a statement, which said that three of its militants carried out the attack. Some witnesses said the local press that the assailants shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is great) while shooting.

This is the first time that Ivory Coast suffers an attack of this nature, although the country was on alert after jihadist attacks on hotels in Burkina Faso, where jihadists killed dozens of people and Mali, both events in recent months.

Hotels Featured in The American Horror Story

We are in the month of Halloween, so everything seems dark attractive. And if this fever that sparked the new season will join American Horror Story, we have the perfect excuse to rummage in macabre stories.

  • In fact, we have found a selection of hotels full of terror are not the creation of Ryan Murphy, as the dreaded Hotel Cortez, but buildings full of mysteries and myths that have nothing to envy.
  • Stanley Hotel: This hotel is so creepy that inspired the own  Stephen King for The Shining, but used in the film outside of Stanley Kubrick belong to Timberline Lodge hotel.
  • Some of those who stayed there, say they have felt the presence of dead employees. It is located in Colorado, United States.
  • In fact, they have a blog to keep updated paranormal facts presented. One of the most frequent is the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide from the top floor.
  • The Congress Plaza Hotel:’s in Chicago and room 441 Queen myth of an employee who was buried alive by mistake in one of the walls.

Hotel del Coronado: Do not be fooled.

While it looks inviting, this luxury California hotel also was the inspiration for Stephen King to write the book about the terrifying 1408.

Queen Mary Hotel: We are facing a real ghost ship.

The Queen Mary Hotel has a horror story in which several members of his crew died in service. In 2001 NBC relaizó a documentary which recorded more than 55 demonstrations to normal in this, which is now a luxury hotel standing in California.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: The typical hotel in Los Angeles Mo escapes mystery full of glamor.

Several are the ones who can ensure they have felt the ghosts of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe , who spent several months there.

The Myrtles Plantation: The Legend of The Myrtles Plantation dates back several black slaves who were buried there in past centuries.

Beware if you go to Los Angeles and want to stay there.

Hotel Jerome: Here also avail themselves of their terrifying reputation to sell.

With 126 years of history in Aspen, it features legends like the “drowned child,” about a boy who died in the pool.

Lemp Mansion: Located in St. Louis This hotel owes its name to the original owner family. In fact, the ghosts of four of its members who killed themselves there make their own with guests.

Casa Monica Hotel: If you attract poltergeist phenomena, here you can find several electrical appliances that turn on and off just because of ghosts.