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At what extent industry is hit in COVID-19

At what extent industry is hit in COVID-19 

All and one are well aware of the hardest hits of the coronavirus on humanity. But the virus is not limited to the damaging of human health but also make the economies of the world sick for unknown durations. However, the damages that are caused by the coronavirus are not only confined to the large stakeholders of the business. The crisis that causes for the malady of the big industries is still spreading rapidly all over the world.

In addition to this, it is also a fact that all the industries are not damaged in the same magnitude. Some industries are badly hit from the virus, and some are little hit. But the overall conditions of the economies of the world is getting worse day by day. However, some sectors that are suffering from the COVID-19 are mentioned below in details.

According to the market expert, some industries that are sever hit from this pandemic are aviation industry, travel industry, automobile industry, finance industry and retail industry.

Aviation sector:

If we talk about the most damaged industries of the present time, then the aviation industry is top of the list. The restrictions of the mobility of the goods and humans just stop the operations of this industry. Due to which this industry is facing a huge decline. Thousands of booked flights are cancelled, and no new flight is permitted to flee from one place to another. As both international and domestic flights are not allowed to fly due to the lockdown conditions, so it makes the aviation industry one of the worst-hit sector. However, no resumption period is announced by the authorities for the flights yet that make the financial condition of this sector unambiguous. Add to this; it is also a known fact that aviation is a low-cost carrier industry that makes the condition of this particular sector.

Finance sector:

The fall of the loan growth is also getting stronger as the GDP growth. And the risks of various types for banks occurs at once due to a large amount of declining business. And it also assumed that the negative outcomes of the banking sector reduce the growth of finances and discourage all sort of new investments. It would make slower the repayments of the customers and also worsened the working capital conditions of the bank economies.

Retail industry:

Due to the shutdown of the supermarket and stores or cut into the timing of shops make the retail industry damaged from the pandemic of the coronavirus. Add to this the organized retailer like malls is also heavily affected because of the lockdown. But vice versa to this the impact of the lockdown is not as much worse on the essential good retailers.


In the conclusion of the whole discussion, there is only the good hope of the future that make the world fight against this widespread. And it is also assumed that the economies and industries would stabilize after the elimination of this virus. However, the world learns a lot from this crucial time, and it is also assumed that in the future the world would shift from the traditional ways to the advance ways of doing a lot of things. Like the online learning methods shift the schools and colleges. Work from home is also getting popular if it is systematized.

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