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Best places of interest in Bali

Best places of interest in Bali 

As a favourite holiday destination filled with scenic beauty, tradition, and history, you will find there is something for everyone in Bali. If you are looking forward to exploring the best places in Bali or want to make your profile ‘the picture-perfect one’ you will find everything that fancies on your vacation to Bali. So, let us take a virtual tour around the best places of interest in Bali

1.  Uluwatu Temple

Snuggled on the corner of a beautiful cliff, this majestic temple has more cultural importance than what meets the eye. After a visit here, you will be back with a great knowledge of local customs in one visit. Make sure you experience the traditional dance and drama acts which usually happens towards the evening or sunset hours.

2.  Ubud Monkey Forest

This site homes a temple, dense forest and open territory to hundreds of monkeys. The Ubud Money Forest attracts many visitors for its natural beauty, fresh breeze and a chance to play with the notorious monkeys during their visit.

3.  Seminyak

Seminyak is one of the most popular cities on the island. A place where tourists can find practically everything from small traditional shops to high-end trendy boutiques. This region also has its share of beautiful beaches with a range of vibrant bars and restaurants lined across, creating a lively atmosphere across the place.

4.  Tanah Lot Temple

This marvellous sea temple is a spiritual and religious landmark of Bali. It is famous for its offshore location and natural beauty all around. The spectacular blue backdrop during the sunsets can definitely make up for your Instagram wall.

5.  Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The great rice terrace extends a splendid sight of Bali’s creation. A visit here can give you valuable insights into its local culture and daily life of the people. While exploring the rice farms, do check out the amazing Bali Swing that you can ride on while breathing some fresh village air.

6.  Ubud Art Market

The Ubud city is often referred to as the cultural hub of Bali and is home to many traditional artists and craftsmen. So, on your quick stroll around the markets find unique and authentic products including handmade jewellery, wooden toys, bags, footwear, clothing, and a range of souvenirs you can choose from.

7.  Besakih Temple

The largest temple of Bali also located on the slopes of Mount Agung which is Bali’s highest mountain. The entire neighbourhood constitutes at least 86 places of worship and most of them being a 1000 year old. Interestingly, the temple conducts more than 70 religious celebrations yearly and draws huge crowds of the Hindu believers from all over the island.

8.  Mount Batur

A two-hour trek up the range will take you to one of Bali’s best points to experience first rays of the sun. Visitors enjoy watching the radiant sunrise having Mount Abang on the background and the Batur Lake just beside with all in one pretty frame.

9.  Jimbaran Bay

Towards the evening enjoys the island’s best and most fresh seaside dishes at the restaurants lined up along the Jimbaran Bay. Most restaurants here have candle-lit arrangements, where people can eat and chill while sinking their feet in the sands. It is a place that can definitely lighten your mood with its live music performances, delicious food and perfect music while creating a wholesome experience.

10.  Ubud Royal Palace

This traditional neighbourhood of Ubud once used to be a royal town. So, don’t be surprised to see gorgeous palaces and historical landmarks all around the place. The Puri Saren Ubud or the Ubud Royal Palace is one amongst them and is the most significant one located right in the centre of the town.

11.  Tirta Empul Temple

It is firmly believed that a dip in the sacred waters flowing at the Tirta Empul Temple has great powers to heal and purify the body and soul. Not all might be drawn to them but the structure around the temple, design, tales about the legends and the ritual is worth capturing.

12.  Kuta Beach

Although being pretty amazing, this beach may not be on the list of the island’s most beautiful beaches. But, Kuta Beach is the most visited and popular for some solid reasons. This Beach is among the most dynamic places of the island and offers an expansive range of fun activities from surfing, eating, shopping you find them all along the nearby streets.

I am sure you’re all geared up for your next vacation to Bali. Because, if you wanna make your vacation the perfect one, you can never go wrong with Bali! You can also avail some amazing offers for your Bali tour package offered by many travel companies like Pickyourtrail and They come with an option to customise the trip to suit your preferences and with shouldering the responsibility of a hassle-free vacation. So, get ready to experience the beauty of Bali!

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