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Blue Sky Inn

Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex textile empire and second richest man in the world, has strengthened its real estate assets after taking a hotel in New York.

This is the Blue Sky Inn, operated by Spanish chain Iberostar and amending that Pontegadea, the investment arm of the Galician businessman has paid $ 68 million, as recorded in the land registry New York and collect functional websites estate as The real deal.

The establishment in one of the premium areas of Manhattan was in the hands of the firm KHP Capital Partners. The hotel, built in 1928, features 205 rooms and occupies 7,700 square meters. Ortega has gotten a good price for the facility since KHP acquired the building in 2006 for $ 88.5 million.

The Commercial Real Estate Business

Amancio Ortega has intensified in recent months its presence in New York, where the entrepreneur purchased in February a building on Broadway for $ 145 million.

The mythical Haughwout is one of the historic buildings of the city and was built in 1857. The building has five floors and a height of 79 meters, plus a commercial low.

Haughtwout purchase was the second conducted by the employer in the US in just a few months. In September 2015, Pontegadea became a resort in Miami Beach for $ 370 million.

The acquisition involved a block that occupies an entire city block and is located on Lincoln Road, the main shopping area of the city. Ortega also features a landmark building in Chicago.

In the hotel sector, the owner of Zara ten years ago bought a hotel and luxury residential complex called Epic and located in downtown Miami.

Hotel Security

Police have located Monday the singer Sinéad O’Connor in Chicago reports Reuters. The agents had launched an operation to search after it was reported missing Sunday morning.

The news has confirmed the US website TMZ, who also added that the police had reason to believe that the Irish singer was ” at risk of committing suicide.”

As already reported, the singer of Nothing Compares to you left bike ride on Sunday and had not been seen until Monday. TMZ says a close friend of the star was the one who called the police to report that O’Connor had not returned and since then the search by agents began.

  • The artist, 48, goes through a bad season.
  • In December last year published on Facebook a suicide note that led police from Dublin to go to their rescue.
  • In the post, published at five fifteen in the morning on a Sunday, it reads: “The last two nights have been me. I have taken an overdose.
  • It is the only way that respects me. I’m not home; I’m at a hotel in Blue Sky Inn under a false name.
  • If I were not writing this, my family and my children would not know “. According to her publicist, he told the star had been receiving medical treatment in November.

Restaurant and Food Quality

He came with all his troops (more than 50 people between the kitchen and living room) from across the Atlantic. US chef Grant Achatz has moved his restaurant Alinea (three Michelin stars) to Hotel NH Collection Eurobuilding, headquarters Diverxo, the also tri Estrella do David Muñoz.

From 12 January to 6 February the VIP breakfast the hotel will take centre stage to taste another pupil creations of the culinary cutting edge. An ephemeral experience also in it’s in its first five days will provide a dogfight between the chef of Michigan and Madrid.

“We talk more moving in every rule that pops up,” says Patricia Mateo, CEO of the communications agency Mateo & Co, the presentation of the event, who along with Grupo Dani Garcia and the NH Hotel organize and give logistical support Grant Achatz and his team.

“We thank Grant for choosing Spain and particularly Madrid for this. We must be very brave to move all your people from Chicago,” said Hugo Rovira, CEO of NH Spain and Portugal.

According to the director, now the hotel chain is the only place in the world that hosts six Michelin stars.

The chef Dani Garcia (two Michelin stars), present at the event, had only words of gratitude for his companion and an American friend. “Is exceptional people. I checked it personally when I was in the restaurant.

I can only thank him for carrying out this madness,” said the Malaga chef, one of the main hooks to bring Achatz to Madrid. Currently, they are already reserved 90% of the tables.

Half of those reserves come from abroad, UK, Germany, Belgium … many European restoration professionals and media people around the world. A success considering that the tasting menu, in the first week of collaboration Alinea-Diverxo, costs 500, excluding taxes, which can add a reservation or one pairing 250 125 standards.

Services will be Tuesday through Saturday at two seatings for dinner. Each service caters exclusively to 80 people. In the week from 12 to 16 January, the collaboration between Grant Achatz and David Muñoz, attendees will test the first part of the tasting menu at one of two restaurants, Diverxo or Alinea, and the second in the other room to complete a gastronomic tour that contains between 17 and 20 dishes.