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Clean your house once a week quickly and efficiently 

The weeks are quite busy, between the children, work, shopping, meetings, we don’t have too much time to clean up and above all, it’s not a real moment of pleasure. We give you some tips to do each week to avoid living in dirt.

Unless you live in one of the rooms of the Palace of Versailles, filled with paintings and precious stones, cleaning the rooms of the house once a week should not take more than 40 min. Indeed, living in a clean and healthy house every week is pleasant.

Here are some simple tips to improve your productivity and your time spent on household chores:

In all rooms

We open the windows wide for a few minutes in order to ventilate the house well, then we wipe all the furniture with a rag and take the opportunity to vacuum and mop it.

In the bedroom

What a pleasure to rush into sheets that smell good. There is nothing more pleasant than sleeping in a fresh and clean cozy bed. To do this, we wash the sheets, the pillowcases and the duvet cover at high temperature, this eliminates mites and bacteria.

Clean your house well

The best way to keep your house clean and tidy is to not let the dust collect. The mess (the pile of clothes in the bedroom or the magazines in the living room) can also be avoided with small daily gestures. But then how can you clean your house properly when the damage is done?

It is better to tidy up a little each day rather than having to spend two or three days cleaning and tidying up the house.

Clean your house simply

Certain tasks can be easily introduced into the routines of each family member. It’s just a matter of habit. We all prefer to have a tidy and welcoming house, don’t we?

Clean your house well: the living room

The living room being the room where we spend the most time, it quickly becomes messy and dirty. Before turning off the light in the evening, to clean your house, you put together the remote controls and mobile phone chargers (preferably in a box dedicated to them), shake the cushions on the sofa, fold the blankets and clean the coffee table (no more scattered magazines and open DVD boxes!).

Tip: avoid walking around the house with shoes (this applies to all our visitors) so as not to damage the parquet (we will take less time to polish it) or soil the carpet (which will be easier to clean).

How to clean your house: the bathroom

This room can easily be kept clean and tidy. It is enough to take a few habits to clean your house well, such as hanging wet towels, rinsing the bathtub with water, closing the tube of toothpaste, and not leaving a brush with hair on the sink.

To make housework even simpler, dust can be made with Swiffer. Swiffer catches and retains twice as much dust (without diffusing it) than traditional tools and guarantees complete cleaning, even in the most difficult to reach areas.

Start by cleaning the water rooms in the house

The moment of moving in is always accompanied by a certain excitement and we sometimes want everything to be done quickly. No way to skip the steps. Taking half a day or a day to yourself in the still empty house allows you to appropriate the place. Take advantage of this privileged moment to connect with the place and erase the traces of the former occupants. No piece of furniture will get in your way: the perfect time to clean in every corner. 

First take care of the water rooms: kitchen, bathroom, toilet. It is generally in these places that one is likely to soil floors and walls with water splashes.

The kitchen :

First of all, clean all the appliances that are available in the kitchen, from the shelves of the refrigerator to the oven racks, all the dirt must disappear! For the fridge, use a mixture of hot water and liquid black soap. For the oven, use a paste of baking soda and vinegar.

Disinfect the inside of the cupboards to remove all food residue. Do not forget the top of the furniture on which dust collects. 

Use an aerosol containing a mixture of white vinegar water to clean the tiles, the splashback, and the extractor hood. Wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove the last traces.

We clean the work surface with a sponge then disinfect and scale the sink with white vinegar. We take this opportunity to sort in the fridge and throw out expired food. In order to avoid the proliferation of microbes, we take the opportunity to wipe them with a sponge.

We pass the tablecloth, the napkins, and the tea towels.

The bathroom :

Thoroughly scrub the sink sinks, tub or shower, and piping items (gaskets, faucet, showerhead, and shower hose). These are usually places where bacteria grow. Use a natural descaler composed of baking soda, white vinegar, lemon essential oil. Leave on for a good hour before rubbing and rinsing off.

Dismount the bungs to make sure that there is no hair which obstructs the flow of water in the pipes.

Change the toilet seat and completely disinfect the earthenware with a natural mixture of hot water, soda crystals, bicarbonate, and liquid black soap. Guaranteed efficiency!

Who doesn’t like to wrap themselves in a clean, soft towel after a relaxing bath or a good shower? To do this, we wash the towels and the carpet at high temperatures. Moisture promotes the development of bacteria. Then, while the machine is running, we clean, scrub and scale the sink, shower, and bathtub.

Clean house floors and walls before moving in

Once all the fixed elements of the house have been cleaned, such as bathroom and kitchen furniture, you can tackle the walls and then the floors. The final stretch before installation!

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