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Custom Printed Ice Cream cone sleeves are becoming a fashion – here is how

Custom Printed Ice Cream cone sleeves are becoming a fashion – here is how 

Cone ice creams, these are very tasty, and kids love them, even I. So, you can print anything on their cone sleeves. For a small business, it is better to print your brand name logo of the shop. But there are many other things that you can print on them. This could be a specific design or some symbols. The main purpose of the cones sleeves is the marketing of the ice creams. But at the local level in limited target audiences, a small business can also convey their or society’s message to the kids and eaters. This becomes a fashion to print, any concert, event, messages, and logo for the marketing. Here are the things that you can print on the cone sleeves;

Polka designs ice cream cone sleeves

These are being used for the ice cream cone sleeves, as they have dots printed on a single colour. This is considered as the most favourite and likeable design for the ice creams. Add to this, this is kids’ favourite, and this can be print on several size custom cone sleeves. There are also polka design jackets, and these are mandatory for the biscuits protections. Such ice cream cone sleeves protect the cones from the high moisture level of the environment/refrigerators and water. So, eaters get the fresh and crunchy waffles cone ice creams. Most of the ice cream cone sleeves protect the inside ice-creams for more than 18 months. Such cone sleeves use approved adhesive material that restrains then from wrinkles, creating gaps. Such designs are printed with lid and without lids. And these can be printed in the following colours;

  • CMYK printing
  • PMS colors
  • Single color
  • Multi-color
  • Abstract art colors
  • Metallic shades printing
  • Four color
  • Up to 8 colors printing flexographic
  • Rotogravure up to 8 colors

These are the printing methods that you can use for the printing of the ice cream cone sleeves.

Floral Design cone sleeves

Floral design cone sleeves, have two layers with 2.5 gsm sheet and also three layers. There are mini, 110ml cones, 115ml cones, 120ml cones, 135ml cones, a5oml cones, and custom weight ice cream cones. Mini cones have 1-gram cone sleeves, 110 ml has 2 grams, 115ml has2.18, 120ml has 2.3, 135ml has 2.43, and 150ml has 2.7 grams of printed cone sleeves. If you add floral design in metallic shades, its weight could be an increase, and you need to get the custom weight cone sleeves. The same is the case with the height, weight, and mouth opening diameter also changes with the change in size. Add to this; floral designs are very common in the printing of cone sleeves, such designs include the petals and soft colors of the flowers;

  • Rose petals printed cone sleeves
  • Jasmine printed cone sleeves
  • Other flowers printed cone sleeves

 It is becoming a fashion in this printed; a large number of ice cream cones sellers are also using floral designs rather than brand name printing. But they often use a logo printed floral ice cream cone sleeves.

Fruited designs are injected in cone ice cream sleeves

These are simply fruit printed designs, almost liked by the kids, and they love to know the unique fruits printed on them. This is also a way of learning for them and tells about the flavor of the cone ice creams. So, these could be printed in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. So, fruit printed ice cream cone sleeves look mesmerizing and out of the box when your logos is also printed in them. There are many flavors of the cone ice creams; tutee fruity, Guava, mango, watermelon, apple, mix fruits, vanilla, chocolates, and other fruits. SO, printing the icons of the fruits is a better way to tell the customers about the flavors. It is differentiating the ice cream cones; if the same sleeves are being used for all the ice creams, then it would be abstruse for you to differentiate your flavors. So, each flavor should have different designs, so; it could help the kids to know about the flavor.

There are many designs that could be print on an ice cream cone packaging; it is becoming a fashion to use multi-color, polka, floral, and fruit printed designs on the cone sleeves.

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