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Eight packaging styles for home delivery during COVID-19

Eight packaging styles for home delivery during COVID-19 

The recent outburst of inimitable Coronavirus is the foremost heartbreak that changes the life of every idiosyncratic. All and sundry fields have disturbed due to this pandemic. Either is retail or cosmetics.  Besides, countries facing lockdown and stock market collapse. It is the screeching halt for all industries that affect the substantiality of the economy all over the globe. In this worrisome condition, protective packaging is the major requirement for transferring the products from one place to another place. Because of lockdown, people do not go to the markets instead of order their essential products online through Amazon and other online outlets. In this regard, products require secure and esthetic product packaging for home delivery. So here is the list of some packaging styles that strengthen and vying for the packaging of the product for home delivery in provide-19. The list is the breakdown in eight steps that entail below:

  1. Mailer boxes
  2. Briefcase boxes
  3. Top closures
  4. Bottom closure
  5. Folding boxes
  6. Cubic shape
  7. Seal end
  8. tray sleeve

Mailer boxes:

The first and the foremost styles that use for the home delivery for your fragile items. Custom mailer boxes are quirky in their shapes and having two flaps for interlocking systems. Also, it has a double wall system, and the interlocking flaps are tuck in between these walls. The structure makes it perfect for the shipping of sensitive and fragile items. Although all sports of card stock could be used for mailer packaging. But corrugated mailers boxes and mailer sleeves boxes are the best options for the awesome and fantastic for home deliveries. Besides, corrugated mailer boxes using for the packaging of pizza. Such pizza boxes warm your products and maintain the taste as it is. The mirror is also packed in these boxes with inserts. Here some types of mailers boxes for your ease in selecting the right one.

  • Full overlap mailer boxes
  • Roll end tuck top boxes
  • Double side printed mailer boxes

Briefcase boxes:

This box-style is also durable and able to bear the weight. In addition to this, it also called a collapsible box with handles. This handy style endows the ease of carrying the products that are packaged inside the box. It eliminates the extra space of storage in the box.  This style is best for the packaging of small and medium-size electronics and gadgets. Also, apparels bestow the engaging look when it packs in this quirky box. You can construct these boxes with any cardstock as per your desires.

Top closures:

Such boxes are having the ability of closure from the top side of the box. It is not open from the bottom side and ay another side. After keeping the products inside the box, these containers are open from the top side. Most of these boxes have a strong bottom that is real and glueing from the bottom side. Add to this; you can produce these boxes in various sizes as per the products that you deliver in any home. Like, mini, small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo size. Here is the list of some boxes that have open closure.

  • Double-wall tuck top
  • Four corners with display lid
  • Gable bag auto bottom
  • Self-cake lockbox 
  • Flower-shaped top closure

 Bottom closure:

Bottom closure boxes are open from the bottom side. All panels and flaps are closing from the bottom side. The paramount benefits of these boxes are best for bearing the weight of heavy products elegantly. By using these boxes, the brand provides the products to customers securely. Such boxes are using to pack the bottles, candies, chocolates, cosmetic and retail products. \Here is the list of some more dimension of bottom closure:

  • 1-2-3 bottom
  • 4-Pk bottle carrier
  • Auto bottom with display lid
  • Tuck end cover
  • Tuck with bellow Dust flap lock

Folding boxes:

Folding boxes is also one of the best boxes that brands can use for product home delivery purposes. The folding boxes are constructing from the durable paper stock. Moreover, the amazing quality of these boxes is conveniently folded in any shape and style. Most of the folding boxes are used to pack the bakery products. Although you can use a variety of paper stock for fabrications. But Kraft folding boxes are elegant options to pack the bakery products. Because Kraft is an eco-friendly material, and 25% of people in IUSA are always buying the eco-friendly packaging for securely packing the products. Here is the list of shapes that you can give the packaging box as per your interest:

  • Triangle
  • Pyramid
  • Gable
  • Cylindrical coopered lid

Cubic shape box:

The most sophisticated and decent looking shape that is using to pack your every product in this box. Such boxes have the shape of four corner square like a cube. With easy assembling and simple shapes, these boxes are best for home delivery. Because you can pack all products, either it belongs to food or retail. For instance, candles, soap, bath bombs, medicines, and cosmetic products. Cube box with 1-2-3- the auto bottom is a superlative option for the packaging of products for home delivery purposes in COVID-19.

Seal end:

Basically, seal end boxes are the type of bottom closure. But it’s highly protective for shipping and delivery purposes. Because after assembling such boxes are glueing and taping for securing the products from damage. In addition to this, the use of lamination sheet and UV coating make the boxes more perfect. Because UV coating protects the products from harmful radiation. On the other hand, lamination makes it waterproof for washing the box for eliminating the fear of novel Coronavirus.

Tray sleeve box:

Sleeve box with trays and dividers are quite helpful to store your products. This style is the best to keep your cookies, chocolates, and truffle in an organized way. This box has one sleeve and on drawer the work as a slider. Lastly, it requires the trays and partitions. Both things are the best solution for protecting your product from diminishing effects.

The above discussion is evident to explain the eight styles of packaging that are fantastic packing the products for home delivery COVID -19. So you must try these boxes style for the home delivering the products.

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