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Four magic tricks to play during COVID-19

Four magic tricks to play during COVID-19 

How to gain entertainment in this tense spell of the COVID-19 is one of the most popular queries of the people?

As it is not an easy task to stay idol at home, so all and one tries to spend the quality time with the families and kids. In this context, if you want to try some new ways to get your families entertained, then you should try the following mentioned easy magic tricks. It is sure that you and your family would

Metal spoon melt in glass:

Would you ever see a metal spoon melting in a simple glass of water? This trick is so easy, and anyone can easily do this at home. Only three things are required for this trick, and that is:

  • Spoon mold
  • Gallium metal
  • Water full glass

Now pour the metal into the mold of a spoon and let it settle into the freezer. After a few minutes, the metal turns into a spoon. The quality of this metal is that it can easily melt at the 26-degree temperature. So, when you add the spoon into the water glass, it abruptly starts melting. As all do not know this property of the metal. So, when you perform this act in front of the kids, they become astonished from your trick. And the spoon is completely disappeared in the water after a few seconds.

Quickly disappeared ice-cubes:

This is also a very easy trick, and it would also be an impressive one for the kids. As the trick involving the disappearance and reappearance of the ice-cubes so the viewers would surely get entertained. Things you need for the trick.

  • Paper cup
  • Scissor
  • Ice cubes

Now take a paper cup and cut a small flap from its back. After this take the cup into the hand in a way that the backside of the cup remains hidden from the viewers. It’s time to pour some ice-cube into the cup and put your thumb with the flap on the cubes. And when you turn upside down the cubes do not fell down. And the viewer’s assume that the cup is empty. Then release the flap, and the cubes fell down at once. This trick is very entertaining for the kids and family.

Small candies out of tissue paper ball:

This magic trick is designed especially for the kids. As we all know that the candies are an all-time favourite of kids. So, when the candies are come out of the tissue, it is complete fun for the kids. What do you need for the trick?

  • Tissue paper box
  • Candies small size

To play this trick, you need to be very clever, just pack a bundle of the candies into tissue and place it inside the box. And when you collect the tissue from the box, the bundle also come out in your hands. And when you flip the tissues over the candies start felling on the table.

Take the money and make it rain:

This is one of the uncommon tricks and when you show this trick to the viewers, they would surely cheer at once. Just imaging money that makes rain. It sounds full of fun and entertainment. Things that create the trick:

  • A plastic tray
  • Water
  • scissor
  • Money

Just make a tray small in size from the currency note create a hole at the backside of the tray. Paste the tray at the back of the currency note. And pour some water now tilt the tray, and the water moves on the hole, and it seems like rain from the money. So, this easy trick is full of fun try this at home and enjoy with your family.

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