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How to prepare for the PSAT exam?

How to prepare for the PSAT exam? 

What is the PSAT Exam?

The SAT can be a household name, but high school students should also acquaint themselves with the PSAT, or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. The PSAT test is that test which is administered by the College Board in the US. It is taken by students all over the world. Many students take the PSAT exam in grade 10 or 11. However, there is no pressure to take this exam for admission to United States colleges, since many students take it to have a significant competitive edge. Many students take this exam because they believe that they will be able to obtain a high score, which will make them eligible for the scholarships.

Test Format of PSAT exam

The PSAT test has two main sections: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math. You will obtain a score between 160 and 760 in every section. Hence, you can get the maximum score in PSAT as 1520. Most of the part of the exam in each section has multiple-choice questions. But in the math section, four questions will allow you to fill in answers on a grid.

  •  First section

Reading and Writing are the first segments of PSAT. The section of the Reading is very similar to the SAT. In the least possible time, you will need to read or understand various passages and then answer MCQs, which is based on the key concept of the passages, the details included in them, and the meanings of words and phrases in various contexts. The PSAT reading section is an inexpensive method to gain exam experience before the SAT, particularly for many students in school. 

  •  Second section

Math is the second section of the PSAT exam. From the past few years, this section is heavily based on your school mathematics syllabus. Although there is a stress on the practical and real-world usage of Mathematics. Most of the sub-sections are the same as those in the SAT. In the PSAT Math test section calculators are prohibited, but the Maths questions usually have a secret shortcut, which simplifies the calculations.

How to prepare for the PSAT Exam?

 The PSAT is a difficult test in which there is a little bit of stress to score well. If you do well, you get a great confidence boost for the SAT. If you don’t do well, then you learn where you have to improve. PSAT is an important gateway to do well on the SAT exam because the primary goal of the PSAT exam is to prepare for the SAT.

Preparation tips for PSAT exam

Here are the various preparation tips for the PSAT exam, which will be helpful to get a high score in this exam: 

1. Take practice tests

If you want to perform well in the SAT, it is an essential tip to prepare for this exam. You can directly download free practice tests and full-length assessments by visiting the College Board website. Many tools are available for PSAT learning, and practice assessments are possibly the best possible resources. With the practice test, you can get a reliable PSAT question to take a full test-taking experience. Practice tests are great resources for tracking your progress.

2. Analyzing your mistakes

It is an essential way to prepare for the PSAT test. While studying, try to understand why you have chosen the wrong answer. It means that you will have to go through all the practice assessments and questions which you have used for PSAT preparation, mark those that you have answered wrong, and spend time to find out where your reasoning or estimates went wrong.

3. Use test preparation courses

Along with practice tests, students may take benefit of numerous PSAT tests preparation resources available for free online, which will be for you to prepare for the exam. Explore online PSAT tutoring preparation course which covers the all PSAT subject areas and provides extra useful tips for preparing for the exam.

4. Learn the test format

It is the most important way to prepare for any exam, which will be helpful to become more familiar with the test format. Knowing the test format will help you to devise a strategy to tackle the exam. 

5. Don’t worry about memorizing 

The PSAT tests the knowledge skills which you have learned in your high-school classes. Such formulas that you may need for the math section will be provided for you, and you will not be required to memorize the particular facts from history, science, or literature. The primary goal of the exam is to measure your skills in reading comprehension, English grammar language & structure, and Maths.


I hope this article gave you the complete knowledge about the PSAT exam. Scoring well in PSAT is essential as the top performer of the test is eligible to get scholarships. Also, PSAT is an important gateway to do well on the SAT exam because the primary goal of the PSAT exam is to prepare for the SAT. Here we have also mentioned the multiple ways to prepare for PSAT, which will be helpful to get a high score in the PSAT Exam.

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