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How to protect yourself from COVID-19?

How to protect yourself from COVID-19? 

As the COVID-19 is spreading fast in the whole globe and it is getting severe day by day. So, the foremost concern of all and one is to prevent themselves from this pandemic. As there is no vaccine of this virus is created yet, so it is assumed that the preventive measures are an only possible solution for fighting with this virus. In order to segregate the victims and those found with the symptoms, various type of quarantine centres are built in the cities and hospitals where such patients are receiving supportive care.

Some precautious measures are defined to stay away from this virus. To understand these preventive ways, you need to learn them in detail.

Maintain social distancing:

Social distancing is becoming a common practice nowadays. And the WHO also advise this practice to win the war against the coronavirus. At least the distance of 6 feet is must between the people. This would avoid the droplets of the cough and sneeze to fell on another person. Due to this, the routine practices of the people are disturbed a lot. Work from home and learn from home is getting popular. Offices, institutes and organizations are closed and to avoid the collection of peoples at a single place markets are also closed. So, all these scenarios depict that social distancing is a beneficial way to fight back with this COVID-19.  It is time to stay at home and stay secure.

Often wash your hands:

Handwashing with frequent intervals is also a profound way to get rid of coronavirus. As this virus stays at hand, and when anyone touches at the face, it enters into the body. But if the person washes hand properly for the 20 seconds after short time intervals, the chances of getting infected reduces. However, there are several soap brands that used to print the precautions of the COVID-19 regarding the proper way of washing hand. Also, make sure to wash hand after touching the metal and open areas where the chances of the presence of the virus are high. 

Wear a mask while going out:

It is advisable to not to go out without any solid reason. But if there is a need to go out then make sure to wear the mask and cover your face with the cloth. This preventive measure would make you secure from the viral infectious germs. So, due to this, mask selling businesses are emerging. Such businesses are getting popular due to the extensive usage of the mask. No one is denying the importance of wearing a mask or gloves while going outside.

Use sanitizer when soap is not available:

Use of sanitizers where soaps are not available is also one of the paramount preventive measures of the virus. But make sure the sanitizer that you apply on the hands must contain approximately 60 per cent of the alcohol. And it is also recommended to use the sanitizers after sneezing and coughing it would diminish the chances of infection.

All the above-mentioned precautions are very effective for the COVID-19. However, you can also found some imperative guidelines on google about the COVID-19.

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