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Is the world ready for the Digital Revolution after Coronavirus?
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Is the world ready for the Digital Revolution after Coronavirus? 

The current Covid-19 situation has kind of forced the world to really adopt the digital approach for the business. Pakistan is also in the race of being the most advanced and developed countries 

Good starter 2020 is not just another year; it’s the start of a whole new decade. Developed countries like the USA and Canada had a ton of plans to further boost their economy. Underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh also wanted to start this era with better IT infrastructure. In the start of this year, the world had to face a serious pandemic i.e. Covid-19. Starting from China this unpredictable virus affected more than 190 countries in the world. 

If we look at the present situation, the economic standing of many developed countries is much better than us. The developed It infrastructure and understanding of digital terms are two major reasons for their success. In Pakistan, the digital revolution has changed many fields of life but still, there are some areas that we need to work on. 

Digital revolution and Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries that adopted the digital trend quite late. The low literacy rate, poverty and influence of politicians on society are some of the reasons why we are still behind our neighbours. The Internet did become common and was easily accessible but our society took its time to understand its importance. Also, reputed organizations including the government opted the digital approach quite late. For society, it was the awareness that they didn’t have. Currently, the exposure of our society towards digital media and its forms is much better. All thanks to the presence of social media that people initially used just for fun. Later on, they realized its importance for multiple businesses. This is how the Pakistani society came to know the other end of digitalization. 

How can Under developing countries pace up with the world? 

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the use of digital solutions for multiple businesses. One of them is digital marketing. Almost every brand has to take the services of digital marketers for the expansion of their business. This is because digital marketing has become a need of the hour for every business. These days, every offline business has an online presence. It might sound a bit weird but it’s the reality as people have also changed their approach towards interacting with various businesses around them. To judge the pace of Pakistan towards digitalization, we have to take a brief look at our strengths and weaknesses as a nation. 

Our Strength

Dense young population

Pakistan is on the list of top countries in the world that have the most number of young people. According to the National Human Development Report, more than 60% of Pakistanis are below the age of 30. This young population is the true strength of Pakistan. In the past, most of these young men and women have survived when there were fewer opportunities. If they are given the right opportunities, they can give their one hundred per cent. Every year, thousands of students get their IT certification. These students can contribute their learning’s towards the IT infrastructure of the country making it stand in the list of developed countries. Currently, this is how our educated youth is playing their role:  

Twice the number of Digital marketers

Every year Pakistan is producing more and more digital marketers which is a healthy sign. These digital marketing experts will digitalize different sectors with their marketing skills. 

Earn from home

By learning IT skills youth is able to earn a handsome income from home. Pakistan’s freelance marketplace is also quite dense now. 

Increase GDP

When a huge number of skilled people will utilize their skill set, there will be a rise in GDP. By the end of 2020, there will be a significant rise in the GDP of Pakistan as most of the population is working from home. 

Can help in improving the dwindling economy

The current lockdown scenario has forced people to utilize the modern approach for their business. So, it’s hoped that these efforts will eventually raise the otherwise falling economy. 

By Learning web development

Creating blogs and websites is what web development is all about. The Internet is full of different websites and blogs. Learning web development can be an excellent skill. 

By learning the app development

We all use smartphones that consist of different applications. Creating a multipurpose application for various purposes is what app development is all about.  You can offer your services on various freelancing platforms to earn from home using this skill. 

By working from home

All of these skills don’t require an offline 9 to 5 job. As mentioned, there are various freelancing platforms where users can market their services. So, by implementing the work from home formula, individuals can practice the skills they’ve learned. 

Our main Weakness

Political role makings  

Since Independence Day, Pakistan didn’t have sincere leadership. The rule making body was in the hand of corrupt politicians. They were illiterate and had no idea about what the west is doing. Therefore, even after decades, our youth has to face unemployment issues. The leadership didn’t take the digital swap that seriously. The professionals who had the skills didn’t have those positions in the policy making intuitions. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are still behind many developed countries. 

Out dated curriculum 

The education system of Pakistan is far behind many developed countries. It is one of the major reasons why we haven’t been able to produce intellectuals. The worst regarding the educated system of Pakistan is the curriculum. It is outdated and has nothing advanced that could help students learn the other side of the world. Therefore, students aren’t able to learn in-depth about information technology and its importance in real life. 

IT subjects are just optional 

In our schools and colleges, information technology subjects such as computer science aren’t compulsory. A very few students are able to learn computer science as a subject. Educational institutions and teachers don’t really push students to choose computer science. If we want to digitize ourselves, the early exposure to such IT subjects is very important. In this regard, Government has to take serious subjects. 

Has Covid-19 influenced our pace towards Digitalization?

The Covid-19 became a pandemic within a couple of weeks. In the first half of 202, this virus took the lives of thousands of people all over the world. The developed countries like America, France, Chins and Italy were the most affected ones. It ruined the economy and business in such developed countries. If we talk about Pakistan, the Covid-19 has made people realize the importance of digital forms of media and communication. Even though many people had an idea, the ones who had business worth million rupees are now using digital methods to monitor their business. Here is how Covid-19 has influenced the pace of digitalization in Pakistan:

The Communication Gap 

Due to trick lockdown, brands cannot interact with their customers. Same is the case with services providers. The internet and social media helps these brands and services providers to interact with their audience. They can even take bookings while staying home. As mentioned before, every business now has an online presence. The digital media helps these brands to effectively communicate with their customers. On the other hand, these brands take services of digital marketers to advertise their offerings during this tough time. All in all, digitalization has definitely helped our community in this situation. 

Digital apps are have made communication a breeze

To minimize the communication gap many service based businesses are using digital applications. These applications are free of cost hence customers can easily interact with their favorite brands. Most of these applications have an easy to use interface. Here are some of these applications that have made communication a breeze for various businesses. 


Whatsapp has become the primary messaging application for many users. Even for various businesses whatsapp is an excellent messaging application. If you want to use whatsapp for your business there is a special version known as whatsapp business. In this version of business, brands can effectively communicate with their customers. You can list your working hours and can also mention a short business profile. 


When we discuss anything related to social media platforms, Facebook is the application that arises in the mind of Pakistanis. Facebook isn’t only designed for entertainment purposes. It can also be used as a tool for communication.  Publish a post related to how you are operating your business in the lockdown situation. Post the new arrivals for the ease of your customers. Offer a special discount for your services to attract customers. For enhanced communication, customers can directly message you on Facebook. Brands can answer the queries of their customers. In Pakistan, almost every second brand has a presence on Facebook which is a very good sign. 

Skype classes

Due to the lockdown, colleges and universities cannot conduct regular classes. To save the academic year of students, universities in Pakistan are offering online classes. These online classes help students attend the lectures for their registered courses. There are many applications that universities are using for conducting online classes. The most common digital applications used for online classes are Skype and Zoom. With time, instructors and students have become quite familiar with the whole concept of online classes. In the present scenario, Pakistan seems to be adopting the digital trend of teaching pretty well. 

Lectures are being recorded

Some advanced digital applications also allow students to record their online classes. There is an option that allows them to record their favorite lecture. Later on, they can watch that recorded lecture if any part gets skipped. Also, both students and instructors are using email conversation for communication. All in all, the education sector in Pakistan is implementing a digital approach.

The future Stats matter

According to a American research, after the Covid-19, people would still hesitate to shop offline for their goods. The use of different dedicated apps for business and shopping will be what people would use. To be on the safe side, the majority will opt the same route for performing their daily task. Also, the work from home concept is much clearer to the public. Several private organizations are now operating online. The research says that even after the Covid-19, this routine would remain the same. So, these future stats say that more and more people would use the modern digital approach for managing their businesses.


Seems like in a country like Pakistan, the real digital revolution will take place when the Covid-19 ends. The ease of doing business and interactions with the help of the internet will force people to follow the same route. Even government organizations are working through various digital methods. All of these outcomes are positive and we should count them as positives. This whole trend would be a good sign for our country’s economy and people. 


Is the world ready for the Digital Revolution after Coronavirus?

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