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List of beautiful and amazing animals in the World

List of beautiful and amazing animals in the World 

There are more than 1.2 million species in the World, nature us gifted us very beautiful animals in the World. Some of them live underwater and others in the air. Most of the species live on the earth, so these are distributed as per their living environment. The scientist is still researching for the new species and genres of the animals on the earth, a few of them are very poisonous, and the rest of them are very friendly to humans. So, these are equally distributed, and nature has made them for us, few people love hunting, and such animals are eatable. They grew again, and their ecosystem works in a perfect way. Some of them are being caught, and people love them to have in their home. This is just like German shepherd dogs and Persian cats at home, even for the kids and care. Here is the list of a few beautiful elements in the world that everyone wants to have all the time.

  • Macaw
  • African Elephant
  • Whale fish
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • White Bengal tiger
  • Peacock
  • Dolphin
  • Friesian horse
  • Glass winged butterfly

Macaw parrot:

They have a long life, even more than humans. And they can bread 30-35 age. Most of the time, they are found to 60-80 years of age. As the greedy World needs money, so they are smuggling them, their illegal trade should diminish for their survival. Environment degradation and their immigration to the far areas have significantly reduced their amount on the earth. People are displaying them and want to earn from them, artificially breed them and sell them at very high prices. All these practices should be a lesson. Unfortunately, World’s security is not much able to reduce all the risks for Macaw parrots, so they might diminish in the next few years.

African Elephant;

These are dark grey colour huge size elephant on the earth. Their lives are more than 70 years, and their females can be fertile until the end of their life. So, they are unique and very beautiful elephants on earth. They are very much beautiful and strong, they can lift even tons of weight, and they are also used for picking off the flowers. Their pregnancy time is more than 22 months, and they can have born 90kg, 3 feet tall elephant baby. In the past, there were more than 300 types of elephants, but now they have reduced to the only two species. One is majorly known as African elephants, and the other is the African elephant. The reason is the same, they are being smuggled, and their bones are being used for the preparation of costly jewellery. That’s why they are costly and unique in the world now. Their population has significantly reduced in the past few decades, and now they are very rare.

Whale fish:

They have more than 200 years of life, they are considered as the fifth largest water animal on the earth, and they usually live in the arctic. As they are huge in size, they have more power, and they can be seen in different areas of the sea. The scientist is doing too much research on them, they artificially breed them, and Whale is a friendly animal. They always found to be helping other fishes and animals.


A large number of films are made on them; this is one of the most beautiful animals on the earth and looks very attractive to the kids and eyes. They are also called a bear, and they usually found in South Central China. There are black colour patches around his eyes, and such patches make them extra attractive. They have 70 -1oo kg of weight and an average life of 20 years.


Very attractive and beautiful animals in the southern hemisphere. They have two flaps to swim in the sea. They live in water and cold water. Most of the time, they are found with only one specie on the frozen sea. Their life span is 20 years for the emperor penguins and six years for the little penguins.

White Bengal tigers:

It is white in colour and looks beautiful to everyone. It is a symbol of strength and power, and most of the Russians and Greeks take them in their missions. Once you have looked to them, you would continuously stick them, as they are very attractive and a good creature of nature. They are usually born in Bengal, and they genetically service in Bengal.


Albino peacock is one of the most beautiful peacocks on the earth; it has a white colour and looks amazing to everyone. They are unique when they open their feathers—these re very precious and blessings of nature on us.


They are very much attractive human-friendly fishes, and they can even learn from humans. They are a symbol of joy and freedom on the earth. They are smiling all the time and feel good when they interact with humans. They are very much comfortable with humans.

Friesian horse:

This is a very attractive and beautiful animal that is the species of the horses. They have only one colour, and most of the time, they are black in colour. They are found in the Netherlands, and they are one of the oldest species in the Netherland. They also breed at their homes, and they were coming from the “Tarpan.” Now “tarpans” are diminished as a large number of persons hunt them in this century.

Glass winged butterfly:

Greta Ota is a unique butterfly in the World. Usually, there are thousands of species in this; there are different colours and designs on the wings of the butterflies. Yes, Glass winged butterflies have transparent wings, but their wings have edges and white colour stripes. They can even change their colours. They move surrounds the beautiful flowers and looks beautiful.

There are millions of beautiful animals on earth, and these are making our environment healthy and attractive. Most of the above-mentioned animals could be found in the zoo.

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