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List of businesses that are poorly hit by the COVID-19

List of businesses that are poorly hit by the COVID-19 

The outbreak of the epidemic that is faced by the whole world at present is turning the economies of the world giants upside down rapidly. There are a number of businesses that are under threat of dwindling budgets. However, some industries are facing complete shutdown due to the lockdown situation of the various territories. The storm of COVID-19 causes the sagging of a number of businesses. And no one knows these industries would be able to bounce back to their former level after the world reopens for the businesses. But the light of hope is never diminished and it is assumed that after the wiped off of the coronavirus, these industries would get stable again with new evolutions. 

It is understood that some businesses need in-person interactions like travel. So, such kind of businesses faced a persistent dip in their demand due to social distancing. As social distancing is a beneficial remedy for the COVID-19 epidemic; therefore, the industries of such kind faces a massive decline in their revenues. These crises also impose a number of negative effects on the labour market of the world. And the losses are gratifying the issues of unemployment of several people. To understand this dilemma in detail, let us have a look at industries that considered hardest-hit sectors due to coronavirus.

Tourism business:

No doubt that the in-person interactions are on the peak when it comes to the tourism industry. And in order to control the wide-spread of the coronavirus, the world comes at a common solution that is social distancing. This would badly impact the concept of globalization and restrict the mobility of the peoples. The devastating situation creates the burden of losses on the tourism sector. This pandemic cut off the 50 million worldwide jobs that are related to the travel and tourism sector. Add to this the Asian countries are expected to be most affected by this tourism conditions. However, for the future recovery of these sectors, the UN world tourism organization and world health organization meet at Geneva on 14 April 2020 just to address the upcoming challenges of this particular industry.

Transportation industry:

Likewise, in the tourism sector, transportation is also an industry that faces huge challenges. As the coronavirus spike up, it nearly halts the mobility of the people and influences them to quarantine themselves. And it would nearly drop the various sectors of the transportation industry. These sectors entail railways, airlines, roadways, and shipments.


In order to fight with coronavirus, social distancing is practised in which the peoples have locked at their homes, specific destinations, and the global movement of the personals are also restricted by the world. So, the flights are delayed for the anonymous time period, and no bookings are more entertained by other transportation sources. This would turn the profitability of the industry into the burden of losses. Some airlines face extreme conditions due to the cancellation of the flights. Like on the 24-March-2020, the US cancelled almost 8500 flights. These airlines, with their decline ratios, are listed below.

  • Delta Airlines with a decline of 52%
  • United Airlines with 57%
  • American Airlines faces a drop of 50%
  • Southwest Airlines reduce by 33%
  • Alaska Airlines drop by 54%
  • Air Canada also decline by 67%

Resorts and Hotels:

The Lockdown situation of the world also drops the business of hotels and resorts. As no one is going out, the customers of this sector totally wiped off. And it would lead such businesses at high risk. As the flow of the customer’s declines, it would create challenging circumstances for this sector. This threat is not only limited to the hotel business but also leave pessimistic impacts on the industries that are connected with this business. Just like the hospitality services, gaming industry, and labour force. Almost three lac jobs holders of the hospitality industry of Las Vegas sand are at risk of unemployment due to this COVID-19. Some resorts that found a great let fall are enlisted below:

  • MGM resort international expected earnings decline from $16.2B to $6.2B.
  • Las Vegas sand is a casino, and a resort that expectedly earns $58.2B is now at $35.1B.
  • Wynn resorts also decline from $14.6B to $7.2B.
  • Likewise, the Eldorado resorts also face a decline from $5.4B to $1.3B. 

Ticketing and booking:

As the ticketing and booking agencies are highly connected with the travel and tourism sector, so the unavailability of the customers also badly impact such industry. It is observed that the restaurant booking platforms reports approximately 100% drop over the time of COVID-19. Some booking platforms that face huge losses are:

  • All the above-mentioned companies face a loss of $29.8B during the three months of 2020.

Live Concerts and events:

The decline of the entertainment industry at the time of the COVID-19 also brutally impact the event businesses. As the social distancing is implemented around the globe, so it is a hard nut to crack for the entrainment sector along with other industries that are come to their devastating conditions. Only Disney faces the expected loss of $78.1B instead of the diverse flow of the revenues. However, the Live Nation that is the owner of the Ticketmaster and one of the biggest concert promoter of the world face a tough time due to the cancellation of hundreds of shows. Similarly, six flag entertainment and cedar fair also see sagging of revenues in the era of COVID-19

Educational businesses:

Educational businesses also experience destruction in the incomes that are generated from conventional educational institutions. Due to the lockdown of the cities and provinces around the globe, the students are unable to come for studying, and it would lead to the shutdown of schools, colleges, and other related institutions. But this sector is not badly affected because of the online teaching platforms. However, it would take some time and practice to become perfect in online teaching. On the other hand, it would create a disturbance for the time being in this sector.

All the above-discussed analysis lead you to know better how the COVID-19 hit the huge businesses around the globe. And leave the devastating slit to their revenues.

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