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Privacy Policy


Blue Sky Inn uses the personal information provided by readers to process, validate and verify subscriptions from readers. Also, the information is used to:
(i) provide advertisers (never individual) on users, interests, trends, statistics, including general and dissociated information;
(ii) develop new products and services that meet the needs of readers; (iii) be contacted via mail or telephone, with users to relieve views on the services provided by the Blue Sky Inn; and
(iv) provide information and offer products and services subsidiaries and affiliates of Blue Sky Inn.

The reader is entitled to ask the Blue Sky Inn at any time, their desire not to receive information about products and services, as provided by Article 16 of Law 25,326.

Collection of Personal Data

Personal data collected will not be disclosed or used for a different or incompatible to be taken into account when entered into the database so the Blue Sky Inn.

Also, the Blue Sky Inn may employ other companies and individuals to perform tasks or functions on its behalf, such as sending mail and email, removing repetitive information from reader lists, analyze data statistically, etc.

Such persons have access to personal information needed to perform their duties and functions but may not use it for purposes other than those stipulated.

About the provisions of Article 5 of Law 25,326, data processing and sending information by e – mail to Blue Sky Inn carried out, it is done with the express free, express and informed consent readers.

Users can at any time edit the information with which they registered or signed or cancel the service at any time.

You have the right to access the site, unless a legitimate interest is credited, as established in the art. 14, inc. 3 of Law 25.326. As Article 1 of the Disposition 10/2008.

By Article 10 of Law 25,326, the Blue Sky Inn will maintain absolute confidentiality of personal data provided by readers. The information that the Blue Sky Inn collects is filed under extreme security measures on its servers, under Article 9 of Law 25,326.

Without prejudice to this, about the safety standards that the Blue Sky Inn adopts, considering the overall security situation today offers Internet.

You should be aware that whenever readers voluntarily disclose personal information online, this it can be collected and used by others, a situation that exceeds the will of the Blue Sky Inn.

Therefore, considering that the nation puts its best effort to protect the personal information of your readers will not be responsible for the dissemination of it where it is made by sources other than this will not be liable for any damages that disclosure generate.

The databases of the Blue Sky Inn are registered in the National Directorate of Personal Data Protection of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Presidency of the Blue Sky Inn, in compliance with Article 3 of Law 25.326.

Protection of Personal Data

The law has the authority to address complaints and grievances that are filed on the breach of the rules on personal data protection. Under Article 2 of the Disposition 10/2008.

When personal data is collected it must inform their holders expressly and clear:
a) The purpose for which will be treated and who may be the recipients or classes of recipients;
b) the compulsory or optional nature of the replies to the questionnaire to be proposed, particularly on the data referred to in Article next;
c) the consequences of providing the data, of refusing to do so or inaccuracy thereof;
d) the possibility the party concerned to exercise the rights of access, rectification, and deletion of data.

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