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What should be Italy’s strategy after COVID-19?
People stand apart from each other as they wait for a subway train in Rome, Monday, April 27, 2020. Italian factories, construction sites and wholesale supply businesses can resume activity as soon as they put safety measures into place aimed at containing contagion with COVID-19. This concession comes with partial easing of national lockdown restrictions announced Sunday night by Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte. Mauro Scrobogna/LaPresse via AP)

What should be Italy’s strategy after COVID-19? 

Italy is very much affected by the COVID-19 special hits, and they have had to suffer from a great number of casualties. They were very much affected, their economy and health conditions were so good, but in the new analysis, their economy graph is declined. Add to this a large number of collapse they are facing. This is not the case with only Italy, now other countries like the USA and UK have more number of cases in their regions. Here many economists and experts are commenting that would be a new world strategy after the COVID-19.

Retain the social distances

It is understood that people will remember the importance of social distances. There should be defined rules after COVID-a9 for the social distances at the public places. All the retail shops, malls, airports and places of gatherings should have rules for social distances.

Improve the health facilities

Huge size labs in the commercials and documentaries at YouTube all are fake, or they have no potential. Only 10 to 20 million patients are not being managed by them. So, in the new world, every country should have to focus more on health rather than sending huge ships in the space. One germ can kill the whole world, no one would help you in this need of time but health facility. A large number of Asian countries are not able to adjust such a huge number of patients, and they even don’t have too many hospitals and doctors.

Use robots as a doctor rather than humans

In the wards, doctors are also being affected by the COVID-19, and there should be robots to treat. Where is the science? Where are the most expensive robots of the, can’t they save humans at this time. Oh, sorry to say all the income that scientist has wasted on the robots should be spent on the health facilities. Everyone should have at least basic facilities. This shows, the world is spending money on the wrong places, and richer are busy in collecting the money and wants to land on Mars. But they don’t know; there are still humans on the earth that need your wasted money.

Only exports goods rather than a pandemic disease

Human travelling should be limited or only be possible after complete human tests. And all these tests should be done automatically in one minute at the time of the airport. So, we should be able to protect life on the earth, and this should be everyone’s priority.

Focus on digital education

Education could be delivered online; huge buildings and sex centres are not mandatory for it. One few apps, if managed correctly, can provide education online across the world. So, why don’t all the poor countries are adopting this? Who is restraining them from getting an education? All humans can achieve education, but why they fail so?

Digital marketing must be a school subject

Only digital marketing and online retail stores with good home delivery are performing well. Where is your daily window shopping? Where are the women who spent half of the day in the malls? For such things, digital marketing and online existence insufficient, and you should save your precious time after the COVID-19 life.

The veil is essential – COVID19 has proved

Where are the countries who were saying veil is prohibited? They should know the worth of a mask and its next version that is the veil. Again science has failed to prove the manmade personal biased rules.

We must know that we are fighting a 3rd world war but who is the competitor

The whole world is fighting, but against which country. In this 3rd world war, even every single person is fighting, but we can’t see our enemy. So, all the health advisors are failing to answer this question.

WHO might has failed to deliver

The world health organization totally fails to manage the health situation in the world. If they had planned and spent millions of billions of dollars on what, where is the output? Where they are spending the money, just to fulfil or achieve their own specific targets on the world.

World orders need to be a shift

Definitely, when UNO is failed to manage things, then there should be a new world order. If the European Union is not helping Italy, then China should have the new world order.

China has won all wars, and the USA should have to learn from China

China has overcome the situation, and they are helping others too. So, they are better than WHO and capable. So, you have to understand the leaders and wasters.

Environment Protection

If we continuously fail to maintain the environmental situation on the earth, then we might have a more drastic situation on the earth. 

The world would be changed just after the COVID-19 and new powers would emerge, and big dramas would get collapsed. New world order would blaze the earth.

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